Gallery -> Portraits

(updated) Seemingly where I spend most of my arting time

Gallery -> Doodles

A new gallery now that I am starting to produce a few doodles

Gallery -> StarWars

From an art gallery, far far away!

Gallery -> Animals

Any furry thing

Gallery -> Misc

Any piece of art that doesn’t fit into a category

Gallery -> StillLife

It’s easier to paint a subject that doesn’t move

Gallery -> Landscapes

Channelling my inner Bob Ross

Gallery -> Kate

Fiancé art

Gallery -> GoT

The greatest show every, except the final season of course

Gallery -> Monsters

Creepy creatures from the depths of my imagination

Gallery -> Superhero

My own spin on the ubiquitous superhero genre

Gallery -> Buffy

Everyone’s favourite slayer!

Gallery -> Old

Art I fooled around with as a young person