[James Dyer] : Aug 19, 2021 : 126 words
art 🏷️ ripley painter artrage alien 2021

Ah yes, my perennial Alien art!, after watching the film Alien for the umpteenth time I saw an image right at the end of the film which I liked a lot, so I snapped it with my camera with a resolution to artify it!

It was the closing scene where Ripley goes toe to toe with the creature, I love the lighting and the intense blue, with a little colour tweaking in GIMP and rested on the magenta counter colour and with a bit of ArtRage warping bent the alien to a reflection in the helmet.

At times I tended to try and put too much detail into Ripleys face but with some experimenting I left it in a more simplistic form, less is often more.